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Georgina Peters Artist and Illustrator based in Taunton

My name is George (of the female variety) and I live in West Somerset. I would say I was known by my friends for my 'quirky' humour and creativity. I love making, chatting, laughing, cocktails, boxsets, Jesus and my family (not necessarily in that order)! 


It started when I was a chicken farmer.

Yep you heard right. I was once a chicken farmer. 

My husband and I worked and lived on a farm for 2 years learning how to run a chicken business. We had no idea what we were doing, I felt like such a wild card move. We had never done anything like it before but we’re young and ready for the challenge. 

Little did I know it would open me up to a while world of small business, basic book keeping and behind the scenes insight on wholesale and how business run. 

It was while I was there I was set a challenge. I was given £10 and told to go and spend it on something, make something or create something and sell and make a profit. Randomly I decided to make fancy chocolate bars. So set about buying all the ingredients and creating these these luxury product. I really enjoyed the whole process from working out costing and profit margins to designing the packaging. I then sold them at little fair. I was amazed that people bought them. When to me, I knew how much they cost and how easy they were to do. I made a small profit from the experience but what I learnt from it was massive. 



I love creating designs that make people smile and create a little giggle. 

Originally I started a DIY blog in 2012 and enjoyed the process of doing it and the experience I gained through it, but found it hard to keep up with content and writing creative and inspiring posts. I’ve always been creative, making things since I can remember. My parents would dread those days when my favourite craft or making programe was on TV, to see what I would end up paper-macheing next. 



In June 2014 I decided to use my graphic design knowledge (most of which was taught to me by my father who was a successful graphic designer), combined it with my quirky humour and new found business knowledge that I gained while chicken farming (another story), to create a fun and colourful business, full of designs that make you smile.



In 2015 I launched the Ooh Online shop as well as an Etsy store where you can buy my quirky designs direct. In the summer 2016 I found the wonderful Menekse of Cheerfully Given and have been selling Christian design-led products with them. Since 2018 all of my cards are packaged in fully biodegradable corn starch wrappers and come with a recycled envelope.

I started started initially with 3 concept greeting card design, then expanded my range to over 120 designs covering various occasions and seasons in over 40 shops across the UK. When I started a family in 2019 I decided to stream line my business and cut back the wholesale as it took up a lot of space and energy.

Since 2020 my business is now split into 2.

Ooh I like that design, My cards and prints are still available to by on Etsy but Ooh is now predominately a service based business where I am available for children's book illustration, freelance graphic design work, ranging from logo design and visual identity for small and large businesses, brochures, magazines etc

Georgina Peters Abstract Art - I have another website where you can find all my colourful abstract art.

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