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It all started when my best friend and budding children's author Emma Allen, wanted me to illustrate a book idea, which at the time was a poem she had written, A little town called Hope. We have now created 4 books together and have sold over 8,000 books, all across the world.

Since starting in 2020, I have now illustrated six books that have been self-published and sold in bookshops across the country and online. I really enjoy how each one challenges and stretches me as an artist and am excited to see how it grows with each new project I am apart of.


If you want buy any of the books I've illustrated please click the images below



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Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 12.19.11.png
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As a children's book illustrator, I am passionate about creating illustrations that bring stories to life. I offer a range of drawing styles, from simple stand alone images to full page illustrations, as well as the option to do layout and graphics to get you print ready.

Get in touch to discuss your project and let me help you create the perfect illustrations.

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