from small things

All great things start small; you, me, THE IDEAS THAT START A BUSINESS.

This is a space to showcase some of my friend's work.

We all have to start somewhere.

So why not here.

These are people that I love,

doing what they love, and I hope you love it too. 


So take a look around & if you like, buy their products.

lets celebrate & support real people, big ideas and small beginnings......who knows where it might lead. 

Based in Taunton

Natasha Eveleigh Aka - The big sis.

Growing up, I brought the grubbiness and Tash brought the glamour. She has a keen eye, a unique sense of style and a skill for pattern.

It's an incredible combination. Tash has already collaborated with me on a range of cards for Ooh.

But now, this is all about her. 


Based in Tiverton.

At 21, Rinny followed her heart across the world.

Whether around a table or a firepit, times with Rinny are always good times. She knows the important things in life. Her work reflects a life well lived. She is a real creator and curator and I am so pleased you can share in her work.